WP9 consists of processes of data collection of the multi-wave and multi-country panel surveys targeting the General Public and the Elites, as well as the Active Web Public.



Since the beginning of the project, Kantar Public – TNS opinion has been active on three main dimensions of the EUENGAGE project:

  1. Setting up an online social media monitoring platform: the main objective of WP5 is to capture and measure public attention and sentiment about Europe through the lens of social media. In order to do so, we have set up an online platform which collects, analyses and presents in a clear way all the Twitter messages exchanged on the topics and political leaders under scrutiny. Several datasets of more than 10 millions of messages have already been extracted and analysed.
  2. Setting up the two waves of the quantitative survey: both waves of the survey targeted both general public (masses) and business leaders (business elites). These two surveys were developed hand in hand with the Siena team, who are also working on the Political elite survey. The questionnaire has been finalized, and then translated and scripted in all languages covered by this project. In total, more than 22,000 respondents answered this first wave of the survey in May – June 2016 and close to 13,000 in wave 2.
  3. In between both waves of the quantitative survey, we set up the framework for the deliberative online experiment: one of the key pillars of the project lies in these online deliberative groups, which took place in October 2016, between the first and the second waves of the quantitative surveys. The participants were recruited from the wave 1 survey. The design of this complex exercise, as well as the “engagement plan” (i.e. the planning and the list of tasks that participants will be asked to do) have been prepared in collaboration with the Siena team and then translated in all nine other languages. Kantar Public – TNS opinion was specifically in charge of setting up the platform on which all 30 communities took place. This means making sure that all 3 national platforms were designed consistently across countries, and “fed” with the appropriate content: the first group was able to interact with national politicians through videos and speeches, as well the opportunity to receive answers to specific questions they had sent the politicians. In addition, this group received several “briefing documents” presented as infographics and videos. The second group B was only shown the briefing material, whereas the third group C only had the interaction with politicians. During the 11 days of the communities, Kantar Public – TNS opinion ensured that the more than 600 participants on all 30 platforms didn’t have any technical issues in participating, as well as making sure that the different tasks and components of the deliberative experiment were ready at the appropriate moment.

The second wave of the quantitative survey was set up in the first half of 2017 and filedwork took place in the middle of the year. All questionnaires were scripted and tested, using a panel partner. Respondents were all recruited only from the respondents of the wave 1 survey, both for the General public and the Business elite surveys. The data was then thoroughly checked, weighted and delivered in an SPSS data file to the Siena team in charge of analysing the results.

Ongoing activities

The Kantar Public – TNS opinion team will keep providing assistance for all the achieved results within the project. It will also spread the results of the experiences collected during the project in forthcoming international conferences.




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