Euengage Working Paper Series

The EUENGAGE Project launched a brand new series of publications titled “The Euengage Working Paper Series. Assessing the complexity of European Polity in time of Crisis”. The Series aims to disseminate the results of the studies conducted by the groups of scholars of the Euengage Project in different Work Packages. Papers cover several aspects of […]

Towards a new year of discovery!

After eighteen months of intensive work, the Euengage has produced eight different datasets targeting citizens (Euengage 1st Wave Mass Survey, DoL Data), elites (Euengage 1st Wave Elite Survey), parties (CHES, EP Election 2014 Party Manifestos), political leadership (EUSpeech), social media (EP Election 2014-Tweets) and electronic media (MRC Data). This huge amount of data is now […]

Deliberation online (DoL), ready to start!

On October 17, 2016 the EUENGAGE Project will launch the Deliberation online (DoL). The DoL is an innovative deliberative e-democracy forum, which will bring together 450 citizens from 10 EU member states (Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom) to discuss among themselves on topical issues for the […]

EUSpeech Dataset Released

  Our partners at University of Amsterdam just released EUSpeech, a new dataset of 18,403 speeches from EU leaders. EUSpeech consists of all publicly available speeches from the main European institutions plus the IMF and the speeches of prime ministers — or president in the case of France — of 10 EU countries (Czech Republic, […]

Text Analysis Workshop EUENGAGE starting

Within the EUENGAGE framework, Gijs Schumacher and Martijn Schoonvelde organized a 2-day conference at which best practices in applied work, new methodologies and findings from text analysis are exchanged and discussed. In particular, we are interested in substantive applications of text analysis within the topics (broadly defined) of public opinion, elite communication or party politics. […]

Call for Papers: Text Analysis Workshop EUENGAGE, 21-22 June 2016

Quantitative text analysis is rapidly gaining in prominence across the social sciences. With the massive availability of data on the web in the form of mass media content, speeches, press releases, websites, social media, etc., scholars increasingly appreciate quantitative text analysis as a method of learning about, among other things, content, topics, and ideology in […]

An Integrated questionnaire for the elite/mass survey

This is a multi-wave and multi-country panel survey set up to study political representation and decision-making exploring elite-public opinion interactions. The survey will be conducted in ten countries (Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom), using a specifically developed questionnaire. The survey is aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of the […]

An online deliberative experiment involving citizens and elites

A deliberative e-democracy forum has been designed to study the micro-foundational mechanisms of representation, the effects of information and deliberation on individual preferences, and the interaction dynamics between citizens and politicians in a quasi-experimental environment. This on-line forum has two main objectives. First, it is intended to test the impact of knowledge and discussion on attitude formation and opinion […]

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