Quo vadis Europe?

EUENGAGE project keeps spreading knowledge on the social and political phenomena we investigated in the past three years. Since the project ended in February 2018 our commitment has not changed and our policy proposals enriched public debate on the future of the European Union. Today EUENGAGE opens a new section of the website listing blog […]

Conferences and Events

During the last month EUENGAGE results have been presented at two international conferences debating key themes of EU politics. On May 15th the H2020 funded projects TranSOL and  EUENGAGE managed a one-day event aimed to foster the dialogue on European solidarity. The event involved academics, stakeholders, NGOs and institutional representatives from different European countries. More […]

EUENGAGE Final Event – Scenarios for the Future of Europe

Scenarios for the Future of Europe Brussels, February 27, 2018 OPEN SOCIETY EUROPEAN POLICY INSTITUTE Rue du Trône 130 Brussels, B-1050   In line with the goal to “engage in a dialogue on the future path of Europe” this event aims at discussing future scenarios of the EU, and at reflecting collectively on the possible […]


SCENARIOS FOR THE FUTURE OF EUROPE: BRIDGING THE GAP OPEN SOCIETY EUROPEAN POLICY INSTITUTE Rue du Trône 130 Brussels, B-1050 February 27, 2018 9:30 am-5.30 pm Engage in a dialogue on the future of Europe! It will be not just a conference. We will bring together bright minds to foster debate, learning, and inspiration.Participants will […]

Euengage Workshop “Measuring Euroscepticism”

Since the end of the “permissive consensus” era the scientific interest in the study of Euroscepticism grew exponentially. By now there are a multitude of studies which investigate the causes and consequence of this phenomenon from both the perspective of elites and the public, of political parties and media. In the process, a myriad of […]

Euengage second wave survey 2017

Euengage Survey, approaching the second wave An interview with the Deputy Project Coordinator, Pierangelo Isernia The EUENGAGE project is building eight different datasets focusing on citizens (Euengage Mass Survey, Data on the deliberation online- e-Voice), elites (Euengage Elite Survey), parties (CHES, EP Election 2014 Party Manifestos), political leadership (EUSpeech), social media (EP Election 2014-Tweets) and […]

Rejected Europe. Beloved Europe. Cleavage Europe?

The Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at EUI, the UNC Center for European Studies, a Jean Monnet Center of Excellence and the EUENGAGE H2020 Project present the conference Rejected Europe. Beloved Europe. Cleavage Europe “Which theory or theories are most helpful in explaining the changing voter and party landscape in Europe? Are we seeing […]

European Excellence Awards in Public Affairs

We are happy to inform that the e-Voice EUENGAGE project has been shortlisted for the European Excellence Awards in Public Affairs! The first round of the Awards have attracted over 200 outstanding applications all over Europe. The full list of shortlisted projects is online at https://eu-pa.excellence-awards.com/shortlist-2017/ The winners of the first European Excellence Awards in Public […]

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