From October 17-27 the Deliberation Online (DoL) brought together 450 European citizens from 10 different EU countries to facilitate community discussion and exchange in an international environment.
Each country had 45 participants divided into three groups that were able to virtually interact with each other via an online platform and moderator.
Participants were engaged in different games and group discussions. Within these activities, they made decisions both on an individual and group level regarding different important policy topics.


What is the DoL?

The deliberation on line (DoL) is an interactive forum that will provide an in-depth picture of the current state of public opinion regarding important issues in the EU such as the economy, immigration, and security at the EU borders.

People are randomly recruited among the pool of about 2,000 interviewees per country of the first wave of the mass panel survey carried out by TNS  (Kantar TNS)  in June/July 2016.


How does it work?

The DoL brings together 450 citizens (45 for each country, divided in three groups of
15 participants each) from 10 EU member states (Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom) to interact among themselves through an online platform for 11 days.
Participants interact with people from the same country, while communication among national groups will be managed through professional moderators. Interaction is asynchronous.


What is its goal?

The DoL aims at providing a systematic and in- depth picture of the state of opinion on EU-related issues. Particularly, the discussion in the DoL focus on three issues the EU is currently facing: economy, migration, and security at the EU borders.

The DoL also inquire into the current tensions between the supranational EU governance and popular mobilisation at national level.

DoL ended

Status of the DoL 100%
The EUENGAGE Project collected several policy proposals from the participants to the Deliberation Online to include in the final report, which will be delivered to policymakers and the EU Commission. Our twitter account will show some of those proposals weekly through our “Speak out! Speak loud!” tweets. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter!

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