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National elites and EU economic governance: the art of cherry-picking solidarity

Francesco MarangoniLuca Verzichelli

All the classic visions of European integration have been built on the idea of an «Elite project». And all the elite-centred visions of a closer European Union have been historically conceived assuming that economic integration would have had lots of positive effects on political integration.[…]


Mind the gap: effects of online deliberation on the EU public-elite divide

Linda Basile and Francesco Olmastroni

These are difficult times for the European Union. The refugee and the financial crises, the security threats coming from neighbouring countries, as well as Brexit, are putting both European values and the political system under strain. […]


More positive, assertive and forward-looking: how Leave won Twitter

Akitaka Matsuo and Kenneth Benoit

Social media, especially the micro-blogging platform Twitter, has received a great deal of attention lately as a platform for political communication. Social media is an increasingly important arena for political interests advocating their views, or campaigning for office or policy. […]


Italy’s election: a shock or a shake for the European Union?

Linda Basile

On June 1, 2018 the new Italy’s coalition government has been finally sworn in, after a political crisis that lasted 88 days. […]

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